It’s been three years since we started the “Be a Winner with the La Coop Dream Team.” Why? Because with La Coop network, you have access to a multidisciplinary team capable of helping you reach your objectives.

The campaign theme was first launched with the picture of a hockey team, because, as we all know, team sports require every player’s involvement. To win the Cup, a team can’t count on only one player, no matter how strong and skilled he may be. For example, in the NHL, even with the best scorer in the league in your line-up, the Stanley Cup is far from being a sure thing.

Then last year, La Coop network used Nascar in its analogy to convey that same message. Producers drive their business and, to reach the finish line, they need the support of others from their cooperative. And the expert-consultant is there to calculate and confirm your rations, the order clerk, the bag and bulk workers deliver your supplies, and everyone has an important role to play.

The Expert-Consultant
The leading line throughout the network consists of a team of expert-consultants who act as a liaison between you and the cooperative. Making their customers’ businesses successful is what motivates them, each and every day, to achieve their customers’ goals.

What you need to know is that each expert-consultant is part of a larger team on which they can depend to complement and support their expertise. Expert-consultants do not necessarily have the answer to everything, regardless of their experience and skill. In the event this occurs, they can seek advice from their colleagues to meet their customers’ expectations. Our range of recommendations is rather extensive and that’s why it’s essential for our team of experts to have just as many talents. La Coop team includes several generalists, but just as many specialists. Managing large open housed herds, feet and limbs, reproduction, TMR, genetics and exposure are just a few of the elements where one person, who is part of your cooperative’s support team, can provide assistance.

Your goals are our priority. Your expert-consultant is available to help you outline an annual plan in which together, you and your consultant can assess your starting point and especially, where you want to go. You want to increase production per heifer? Increase income per kilo of quota? Improve growth results for your heifers? Based on your expectation, we can adapt our service offering and call upon the right people. This helps set the foundation for teamwork, between you and your cooperative.

With clear objectives, you have every chance of succeeding. Throughout the year, your expert-consultant will also be able to re-validate the original plan and make sure it continues to meet expectations or he can see if priorities have perhaps changed.  

Working as a partner with our team of expert-consultants you’ll find out why our slogan is “Be a Winner with the La Coop Dream Team”, and why you too are part of this team!


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