The Service Offer

The dairy production landscape is ever changing. There are fewer and fewer farms to produce the same quantity of milk with more efficient farms as well as larger and more expansive ones. Currently, the territory covered by La Coop network has some 400 farms with quotas exceeding 100kg/day. That’s 3 to 4 times more than 10 years ago! Dairy production in these farms represents some 20% of the total product.

La Coop network adapts its service offer throughout the years to meet the needs of constantly evolving dairy farms. You local expert-consultants enjoy solid support from nutritionists and from the research and development department, which makes it its business to stay informed about the latest researches and technologies in dairy production. Furthermore, being a member of the CRF (Cooperative Research Farms) network allows us access to privileged and customized research with contacts all over the world thanks to our Canadian, American and European partners. The organized trips to California and elsewhere in the world helped widen horizons by providing inspiration from the various farming realities. Upon the travellers return, they no longer see things the same way.

In addition to the technical aspects, our feed manufacturing plants are designed to meet everyone’s needs. First, premix and minerals are produced at the MPX plan in Saint-Romuald, then continue their journey to the feed and supplement manufacturing plants that are supplied by our purchasing department to make sure we get the best ingredients at the best possible prices. A team of specialists meets this challenge on a daily basis in an effort to provide quality finished products at affordable prices. Board of Directors from local cooperatives and from La Coop fédérée, which are comprised of agricultural producers from all over, have given their approval to Operation Chrysalide designed to improve the efficiency of the network’s entire production chain and its service. Changes have already begun in this respect and will continue into the future.

In professional hockey, there are specialists in every field, power plays, short-handed plays, face-offs, etc. Specialization is also a reality in large farms; tasks are assigned according to people’s skill sets. And for La Coop network, the same reality applies, we are increasingly focusing on the specialization of our dairy, crop and agriecology expert-consultants based on the type and size of the business we are serving and its requirements. Whether it’s for an economic analysis, visits to conduct business diagnostics or specific coaching in terms of management, teams of regional expert-consultants are available to assist you. A good example of this service offer is that we have expert-consultants specially trained in automatic-milking practices. But more importantly is the complementarity of all these services available from our network. Everything under a single roof thus affording you an overall perspective of your business!

We are very much aware of the dairy market’s evolving needs and we want to restate our determination to support you as the years go by to make sure your dairy businesses are even more profitable. Economic aspects are becoming increasingly important and part of our daily lives. We can show you what we mean during the upcoming Technical Information days for large dairy businesses scheduled for the end of March in various regions throughout the province. Smile into spring!


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