La Coop Network

and R&D

La Coop network is strongly committed to research and development. The Ruminants Division’s Nutrition team, with the support of the Research department, has been given a clear mandate: to maintain the leadership role in the animal feed industry.

Among its many strategies they intend to expand their knowledge basis, become a visionary, have a long-term plan of action to develop cost-efficient products and services that perform well and respect the environment for its member-clients.

A plan to identify needs is also critical. The first source is taking the pulse from the field, which means to actually go into the fields and find out what’s going on. Our structure was designed to enable fast and easy communication between cooperatives and the Nutrition Team, and we are in a position to fully understand the immediate and future needs of our member-clients.  Our involvement in various scientific conferences, as well as the close relationships developed over the years with the scientific community and the various research centres throughout the world have allowed us to stay apprised of the most recent research and discoveries in our field of activity.  

A key element to our strategy is certainly our partnership with the world’s largest animal production research network in the world: CRF or Cooperative Research Farms.

For my nutrition and research colleagues as well as myself, the CRF abbreviation has tremendous importance. But what does it mean to you? Are you aware of the multiple fallouts of this alliance? I recently took the time to “Google” CRF and see how this abbreviation impacted the world. When I noticed that the Croix rouge Française and Canon Research Center appeared before the Cooperative Research Farms, I realized that the advantages of being part of a network where we can carry out personalized and privileged projects may not be as obvious as I thought!

CRF is, first and foremost, an eight member cooperative spread across North America and Europe, and it represents a network that manufactures several million tons of complete (whole nutrient) feed equivalents exclusively for the ruminants division. This is very significant leverage in terms of dollars invested in research. CRF also represents access to several research stations throughout Canada, the United States, Holland and France, which allows us to conduct custom research based on our requirements. Such research opens onto the majority of concepts, programs or products with positive outcomes for you, member-owners. 

CRF also represents several realizations and patents that have allowed us to innovate at several different levels throughout the years. Older members will remember that our expertise in TMR feed in the late seventies. With CRF, we conducted several experiments and documented this forward thinking way of feeding dairy cows. How about the patents on ruminal synchronization (RAP™, RAC™), quantification and analysis of non-structural carbohydrates and all the projects completed on soluble fibre and sugars, which have led, among others, to the development of the following product lines: Pulp-O-Lac, Goliath, Transilac, Totalac and Totalveau, on which is based the new generation of complete animal feed.

This strategy, which consists of working incessantly to develop programs and products with added value all the while making sure there is a return on investment, has resulted in La Coop  gaining the trust and loyalty of most producers, including the three best BCA in Canada, to become partners in the development of their businesses.

Together with CRF, we are the dream team! We benefit from an international network with local repercussions, which sets us apart from our competition. We can be proud of this partnership!


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