La Coop,

a strong network

La Coop’s network is the largest agri-business enterprise in the dairy sector in Eastern Canada and is distinguished by its presence throughout Quebec and Eastern Ontario. As members, agricultural producers are central to their local cooperative’s decisions and its future.

Over the years, La Coop network has setup modern instructures such as the St-Romuald micro pre-mix factory. All products manufactured at our factories across the network start out here. Fully automated with two separate production lines, it also produces dairy minerals in bulk, semi-bulk and in bags, as well as block minerals. It is two plants in one: medicated feeds on one side and standard feeds on the other, which avoids any possibility of contamination. Quality control is a major strength of La Coop network. The traceability of every batch produced, in addition to ISO 9001 and HACCP certifications are definite advantages for our customers.

When it comes to feed and supplement manufacturing, the network’s purchasing power and wagonload supplies of major ingredients provide a cost advantage as well as a wide variety of products and by-products. Ingredients quality is validated in terms of nutrition and safety to ensure finished products that meet industry standards and respect compliance analyses. Production capacity for different plants assures bulk and bagged supplies for customers in all regions through a complete distribution network.

In terms of services provided, La Coop has an agro-food laboratory in Longueuil, primarily offering a feed and soil analysis service. Certified ISO 17025, La Coop laboratory provides infrared and wet chemistry feed analyses. Our affiliation with Dairy One, a major cooperative in New York State, assures cutting-edge analyses and accessibility to the latest developments in feed analysis.

A team of La Coop expert-consultants criss-crosses Quebec’s agricultural landscape providing techno-economic services directly to farms. You can rely on these experts to meet your needs. La Coop’s dream team relies on multidisciplinary expert advisors to monitor the quality of your breeding and production. To support this team, the network counts on a team of nutritionnists that trains and informs our expert-consultants every day on the latest developments in regulations, as well as feeding and the use of certain products. This support is possible through active involvement in CRF (Cooperative Research Farms). Our team can also respond whenever further expertise is required.

La Coop is a major player in the agricultural industry with significant economic impact on the regional level. In fact, the majority of suppliers selected by the network are companies from our regions. As a result, cooperatives’ surplus earnings remain in the local economy.  A major difference for the future of OUR agriculture.

Over the years, La Coop’s service offer and products have met the realities of constantly growing dairy farms. Our team is present everywhere to help with your projects and the achievement of your objectives.


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