A New Era

has Arrived…

Vous pensez rendement... Nous aussi !
With the completely new restructure of the product lines now available from its network, this fall marked the beginning of a new era for dairy production at La Coop. Farm related products have been rebranded and will now be marketed under three major brands GOLIATH™, TRANSILAC™ and SYNCHRO™.

Not only will we have new product names, but we’ve reformulated most of these products to maximize their nutrient content and cost-effectiveness. Complete nutrition, protein and mineral supplements were reworked to best meet industry standards and current nutritional needs. These changes further became necessary to provide our clients with a better defined range of products and by the same token, to allow La Coop network to effectively cut costs thanks to a condensed product offering.

This process began several months ago and involved many people from different levels of the network. Nothing was left to chance to ensure that your cooperative can provide its products in the simplest and clearest fashion possible while adapting to your actual needs. Regardless of your production level or the size of your herd, the range of products at your disposal will certainly meet your needs and expectations.

The GOLIATH product line is devoted to replacement heifers. As for TRANSILAC, it was designed for dry cows and those in transition. Under the SYNCHRO brand are products formulated for lactating cows and we’ve integrated our concept of synchronizing protein and energy to achieve optimum production. Your La Coop expert-consultant can help guide you toward the products that are best adapted to your needs within each brand.

Note our new packaging design! Most products will be available in 25 kg sizes. We’ve given the packaging a younger and more dynamic look that better represents our clientele. This is the same fresh and energetic concept used in our broadcast ads. Our messages acknowledge that our clients have strong management skills and a solid expertise but are also up-to-date on the latest techniques. The staff of La Coop network is there to help you reach your business goals.

This fall was eventful also because of a few new product launches designed to help improve your herd’s productivity and performance. Whatever your needs, from heifers to dry cows to lactating animals, we’ve put the latest technologies and research to work and included them in our range of products. And with this in mind, we suggest using appetite stimulants that boost the digestibility of fibre. You can help you herd produce additional kilos of milk and milk fat while enjoying some very interesting benefits. Your expert-consultants are perfectly equipped, with the addition of the Optilait™ software and other service programs, to provide you with the right technical and economical monitoring required to meet your business and management decisions.

Through the variety of actions performed by the network over the past few years, you can clearly see that we are ready and willing to provide you with the services and products that meet your needs. You think expertise… So do we!


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