Think BIG!

Make no mistake; this is not another one of my California articles. But rather a reflection on how we see things. I could have just as well used the title “Dare to dream…”

Have you ever wished for something you think may be impossible or wanted to reach a goal that may seem unattainable? Notice that I use the verb may... because in fact, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible. When using the word “impossible” we must to specify for whom. Do you choose your dreams according to others to simply “conform”? Have you ever thought “Nah, that’s too big for me” and then think of something more to scale than what you truly want? You dream of a Mercedes, but settle on an American-made sedan. What goal do you want to reach? Is it something conventional or unusual that comes from outside the box? Do you think this dream is possible? It will be. Do you think it’s too big for you? It will be that too. You tend to listen to those who tell you that your goals are too high. They will be right. In fact, this is how it will go with everything you do. YOU are responsible for reaching your goals and making your dreams come true. All you need is the strong conviction that it can be done and to act accordingly.  But ANYTHING is possible!

You’ve certainly heard the adage that “it’s too good to be true.” Yet, consider that if it’s true for at least one person, it’s basically true. Period. Besides, it’s not because something has never been done that it can’t be done. So let yourself dream, it doesn’t cost a penny! Then, consider how vital it could be to you, because your conviction will be as strong as the importance you given to your goals. By reminding yourself each and everyday, and by taking appropriate action, you will make it happen.

Get ready to step out of your comfort zone to make your craziest dreams come true. Not always an easy task. This requires that you do things differently and persevere. It’s a well known fact: you can’t expect to get a different result if you always do the same thing in the same way! Once you’ve accepted this principle, you need to focus on your goal and develop a long term vision. This is a significant challenge, since a lot of people tend to look for immediate results. At the end of the day when you’ve finished your work at the farm, it is nonetheless rewarding to see what’s been accomplished: the hay is stored away, ploughing is complete or machinery is now clean, these are concrete accomplishments. With a long term perspective it’s radically more abstract. For example, when a dairy producer dreams of getting the title of Master Breeder, some would say that such a dream is pure folly. Others will dream about it their whole lives without ever coming close to making it happen. The difference between success and failure is work.

Don’t count on luck; there are specific steps to achieving success. The path is often paved with highs and lows. I like to compare the approach with that of athletes who dream of going to the Olympic Games. They must work extremely hard for four years without ever losing sight of their goal. The moment training begins to lag is the moment when both the dream and the podium are pushed to the wayside.

This fall I saw breeders make their dreams come true: To win a major championship with an animal from their own herd. I’m referring to Quebec’s International Holstein Show in Saint-Hyacinthe, held in early November, in which Ferme Jean-Paul Petitclerc et fils from Saint-Basile (Portneuf), presented the Junior Champion and where Annie Lecours and Luc Boisvert from Princeville, were awarded the title of Grand Champion for one of their animals. They started with a dream and worked, worked, and worked some more to make it happen. An incredible achievement and huge source of pride! CONGRATULATIONS from everyone in the network!


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