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Not Like any Other

Over the summer I had the opportunity to travel across the many regions covered by La Coop network in Quebec and eastern Ontario. Throughout the Matapedia Valley, Lotbinière, Lévis-Bellechasse and the Montérégie, there was nothing more enjoyable than meeting enthusiastic farmers and chatting about the news or their current concerns. We obviously discussed the very unpredictable whims of Mother Nature that led to late sowing, scarceness of hay due to drought and the list goes on. Thankfully, from a more positive perspective, people talked about what was important to them. Whether talking about their children or family events, these were topics that undoubtedly fed their passion, made their eyes sparkle. I also had the opportunity to chat extensively about various subjects associated with breeding and managing herds in terms of improving the cost effectiveness of their dairy business.

And once again, these outings allowed me to realize how fully committed our network is to agricultural activities. Each and every year, La Coop invests time and considerable amounts of money to support a myriad of activities and events. We play a major role in sustaining the social aspects of the farming community. Is this common to all feed suppliers? This is what I’m leading to, La Coop’s ongoing and constant commitment to its environment.

La Coop is everywhere! On exhibit grounds, teams of expert consultants are very involved in organizing La Coop kiosks, rural youth sessions and preparing animals for several clients. Elsewhere, like at the Holstein Quebec or Ayrshire Canada picnics, people from local cooperatives lend a helping hand to support the hosts in greeting visitors. Relationship building events – such as the Country Fair – are also organized by cooperatives for both members and customers. There are other events that get several hundred producers together to talk, discuss and exchange information while also providing them with a forum to find out more about their cooperatives and the people who work in them. There are many functions that specifically target agriculture’s next generation. Being committed to the community is simply a part of cooperative values.

When I think about events organized outside the summer season, I think about the multitude of technical information sessions or the organized tours designed to see what’s going on elsewhere. In addition, the network is also committed to supporting breeder associations.  

It’s clear that La Coop provides a significant contribution to every aspect that surrounds you. Is this something you consider when choosing a supplier?

We are constantly working to offer products and services at competitive prices, but our role, first and foremost, is one of support and problem-solving and thanks to our expertise, we can offer cost-effective solutions that meet your business needs. Plus, you get to do business with a local company with strong values that is committed to growing with the community!


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