Success Breeds


This is not a new concept. Usually, our life or our successes can, in part, be attributed to the 10 people who are closest to us on a daily basis. When we create relationships with successful people, we increase the possibilities of being successful. However, the opposite is just as true. We become inspired by the achievements of those who have triumphed. Incidentally, this is a proven and observable concept in the business world: Top executives regularly come together.

However, this may be difficult to do on a daily basis, but there is always a way to find out what the people we admire most are doing and find inspiration to reach our own goals. This holds true for dairy production. I can tell you quite a few success stories where 'models' became a source of inspiration to others, and consequently, these 'others' exemplified achievement. Breeding is another such example, in terms of management and productivity.

If we recognize that high average production is synonymous with greater cost-effectiveness, we would be encouraged to examine this aspect frequently. By analyzing 2010 production data coming from all four corners of the territory covered by La Coop network, and with the help of annual reports from Valacta and DHI, I was able to make a very interesting observation: Of the herds with the 10 best BCA (with an average above 291), all races combined, 75% used La Coop products and services! This statistic speaks volumes: whether in Quebec or eastern Ontario, producers with the best productivity per cow do business with our network. Looking at data from coast to coast, it's easy to see that the five best herds are right here, in Quebec, and four of them are co-op customers. It's been that way for quite some time, and we are very proud of that fact!

What can we learn from this? First, that our dairy producers are simply amazing! To be able to distinguish themselves among Canada's elite in no easy feat! It all starts with a willingness to achieve high performance. Then there is the team that supports the producer and his business. Let's compare this to a high level professional athlete: it's crucial for the athlete to be surrounded by professionals to help him reach an above-average performance. The difference between a high level athlete and an individual who is very successful in his or her chosen field is, in large part, teamwork, where it's all in the details.

La Coop is part of the team that surrounds producers, providing them with expertise, programs and products. Every producer is given an opportunity to receive support from a local team of expert-consultants, who in turn benefit from the support of specialists from a variety of fields: Finances, nutrition, product formulation and manufacturing processes. These details are what make La Coop's team capable of adequately supporting producers who want to achieve the highest goals and improve their cost-effectiveness.


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