You Think Performance…

                                          so do we!!

La Coop currently supplies 80% of the 20 top herds in Eastern Canada! This is a powerful statistic. Look at the data published in the Valacta and DHI annual reports; note that our clientele is a clear stand out all across the territory covered by La Coop network.

This is something the whole network is proud of and it's reassuring for breeders to see that performance and La Coop have been inextricably connected for years. I've written several times about the importance of improving production performances to improve cost-effectiveness on the farm. And with the programs, products and expertise we provide, we are in a position to support breeders as they work to reach new heights.

The 300 Club
Of the above mentioned 20 top breeders, 7 have herds with a BCA of 300 and over. Of this number, 6 are clients of La Coop network for feed and diet needs.

This year, the Ferme Holdream1, owned and operated by Guillaume and Étienne Lessard, earned top honours, not only for Quebec, but for all of Canada. These young leaders who operate a farm in Saint-Honoré-de-Shenley, in the Beauce, worked very hard to reach their goals. With three milkings a day, they were able to work their herd and produce over 15,600 kg of milk per cow and attained a combined BCA of 1036 points. Ranking a close second was Ferme Conrad Riendeau et fils, in Saint-Césaire, a regular at this performance level, they also achieved more than 1,000 points of combined BCA. Then, Ferme Serheal2 , the first Holstein herd from Ontario, owned and operated by Claude and Céline Séguin, in Saint-Isidore-de-Prescott. For the third year in a row with a BCA of more than 300 for the top Canadienne breed is Ferme du Doc, in Sainte-Croix-de-Lotbinière. Also ranked among the best in Quebec are the Ayrshire and Jersey breeds; respectively, the herd owned by Ferme Kellcrest, in Howick, and that owned by Ferme Bona, in Saint-Bonaventure. What do all these breeders have in common? Obviously diet and feed are key elements. Starting with the quality of fodder and balanced rations. But more importantly is management as well as the care and interest in doing what must be done, and doing it well. Passion is certainly another key factor that can be used to describe these farmers.

On behalf of all my colleagues I want to express our appreciation to the high-performing breeders who placed their trust in La Coop products, programs and expertise to attain these amazing results. It's an honour to work with you and a significant factor in motivating our troops. In my opinion, these results also have an effect on all breeders, encouraging them to push their limits a little further. All of this with the intention of improving farm cost-effectiveness. In the fall, we plan to pay tribute to successful farms that have attained a BCA of more than 750.

With such powerful data, our slogan "Thinking about performance… so are we!" makes a whole lotta sense.

1 See story in April 2012 issue:

2 See story in January 2012 issue:


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