Road to Success!

In the automotive world there are two key strategies when naming a new model. On the one hand, there are the American automakers that change the names of their cars every four or five years as they launch a new model that is nonetheless a part of the same product line as the previous model. Chevrolet is a prime example. On the other hand, there is Honda and Toyota; they have kept the same model names for decades. And yet, you'll certainly agree, that a 2013 Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla have little or nothing in common with their predecessors from the 1980s.
This has been the case for several years for La Coop's dairy farming products and programs. Although the product lines and packaging sold by the network were the subject of a makeover in 2010, most kept their original names. Goliath, Transilac and Synchro have been well known since the mid-nineties. Perhaps we added a model number to the name, such as Transilac 14 or Transilac 17, but that's pretty much it! Don't go thinking that because the names are the same that things haven't changed! Yes, the product is still Transilac, a diet that is specifically adapted to a cow's transition period, but since its initial launch in 1996 to what is now available in 2013, numerous changes and improvements have been made. And to get back to the car industry parallel, there are different versions of these products and every single one was the result of scientific research and data.

For several years, Cooperative Research Farms (CRF) with which La Coop network is associated, have been conducting research on the transition period. Nutrition teams specialized in dairy production, formulations as well as special consultants from La Coop fédérée have been closely collaborating to reach a single goal: To integrate new technological advances into the Transilac product line based on the client's needs and on requirements, to make the best of the transition period and at the best possible cost.

We know that a successful lactation depends on the cows' crucial transition period. Furthermore, proper preparation before calving helps to minimize the risks of metabolic disorders and avoid 'false' starts. And that's why Transilac products have gained such a great reputation and continue to attract praise, even in their basic version. In the beginning, the goal of the product was to combine ingredients to prepare the cows' rumen for upcoming lactation and to maximize dry matter consumption before and after calving. In the early part of this century, anti-stress agents were added to the product and the focus was on the immune system. Since then, at least 50% of selenium contained in Transilac products is now organically sourced. More recently, we added the PHP concept to protect the cow's liver and prepare for high production!

This type of improvement goes into a variety of products available throughout the network. Your expert-consultants are there to inform and to guide you toward the best choices according to the kind of fodder you use, your chosen style of management and your objectives. If you've never heard about Transilac products, why not give it a dairy try? Like many others before you, you'll realize that with La Coop as your co-pilot, you're on the road to success!

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