Something New

This month I decided to change things up a little. Instead of writing about productivity or profitability, I will be focusing on a new tool being offered exclusively by La Coop to make large quantities of products easier to use and handle: the Semi Bulk Feed Hopper (TSV for Trémie Semi-Vrac-La Coop).
Throughout the years, things have changed at the farm and this has led us to rethink how we market our products. Although farms are getting bigger and bigger, using all of the bulk feed and supplements is not always possible. Feed stock rotation must be sufficiently quick to make sure products are reasonably fresh and it's often more practical to order bags of feed for the animals every two weeks. However, the size of these feed bags (25 kg) is such that farmers are increasingly going through two to three bags per day of a single product. Note that the standard 25 kg size was designed for workplace health and safety and easier handling on the part of employees on the farm or in cooperatives.

And it is for these reasons that semi-bulk is becoming more and more appealing. Some producers already use this type of format for dispensing minerals. But a farm has to be properly equipped to be able to retrieve minerals in 500 or 1,000 kg bags. The new semi-bulk feed hopper from La Coop is the answer to this problem since it was designed to help the producer save money and time. Easy to use so it saves time and it saves money since semi-bulk products are usually less expensive than those sold in 25 kg bags. These savings are generated from lower manufacturing and handling costs from the plant to the farm.

Manufactured in Quebec, the semi-bulk hopper is made of resistant and durable plastic and designed to accommodate the 500 and 1,000 kg bags we sell. It can be equipped with a stainless steel tip to make opening bulk bags easier. Relatively lightweight, the semi-bulk feed hopper can be placed on wheels and moved within the buildings. Then, simply position the feed bag on the hopper using a tractor or winch.

With the addition of this new feed hopper, La Coop network is now expanding its range of semi-bulk products. Not only do we supply minerals, we now offer calf feed, supplements for ageing heifers, Transilac feed products or Synchro Pulpolac supplements. All of these products, when used at a rate of one or two tones monthly, can be cost-effective when purchased in semi-bulk.

Once again, La Coop network chose to stock this new farm tool to meet the needs of its clientele. Your expert consultant will be pleased to talk to you about the new semi-bulk hopper offered by La Coop.

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