La Coop Values

Like most businesses, La Coop network has a primary mission, but it also has values that it works hard to apply to its various activities. The network obviously plays an important role in all aspects of agriculture, but I want to focus my attention on dairy farming.
Among the network's guiding values are honesty, equity, solidarity and personal and mutual accountability. Although every one of these values is important, I want to concentrate on accountability. Most would agree that mutual accountability is the moral obligation or necessity to share equal responsibility for the commitments and actions of oneself and others. Responsibility refers to the fact that your expert-consultants are working with you as a team to help your reach your objectives. To attain these objectives, it's important that they be clearly stated and realistic. Personally, I believe that objectives should also be established to make sure your business' enjoys the highest cost-effectiveness in the medium and long terms. No matter what the starting point may be, the goal is to improve the current situation or at least maintain it. Thanks to the many tools at the disposal of our field teams, we can assess the economic impact of the various farm strategies you want to implement.

Regardless of the situation, the core issue for a dairy farmer is to manage a cost-effective business that will prosper over time. There are three key factors that must be looked at: nutrition, management (or the herd's behaviour) and genetics. Obviously, nutrition is a significant factor and for good reason. It is the element that is most closely connected to how the herd is managed. Whether it's in the fields, at harvest time, or face-to-face with your herd, the decisions you make will influence the farm's results. Have you determined which one of these three factors is the weakest link in your farm's bottom line?

The 2013 version of La Coop's monthly charts as designed by our team of agri-economists will facilitate the task of establishing the areas that need to be improved and evaluate their financial impact. This is a user-friendly tool that will help you visualize, month after month, the results you are getting.

Since 2001, we placed several analytical tools at the disposal of our expert-consultants and we continue to make them better year after year to provide you with a complete view of your business and your goals. In fact, analyzing the monthly charts may help you uncover costs that you would not otherwise have considered. This tool lets us go beyond mere perceptions and target the more important elements.

More than ever, and with the methods and tools at our disposal, your expert-consultant can help guide you towards the performance and financial goals you want. You can see for yourself how La Coop and teamwork are true champions of cooperative values.

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